Avaneesh Narla

Educator and Researcher, Physics Ph.D. Candidate

About Me

I am interested in fundamental questions related to physics, life sciences and mathematics. I am especially interested in how individual interacting elements come together to exhibit collective behaviours and how these behaviours can be described quantitatively.
I believe collective dynamic processes of adaptation and response to environmental changes are essential to understanding the impact of anthropogenic climate change, especially the biodiversity crisis. I hope that quantitative investigation of these processes can help us mitigate the effects of these catastrophes and provide equitable resources globally to enable sustainable engagement with our natural world.
I am also deeply interested in teaching, mentoring, and outreach. For more information, please reach out to me at anarla@ucsd.edu
I will be starting as a Stanford Science Fellow in September 2023.

“Things are similar: this makes science possible. Things are different: this makes science necessary.” The Dialectical Biologist by Richard Levins, Richard Lewontin

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